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COMING UP : The Anchorage Chamber’s Military Appreciation Week!

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04 Jun
COMING UP : The Anchorage Chamber’s Military Appreciation Week!
In a few weeks the Chamber will host its annual Military Appreciation week filled with an always full Military Luncheon on Monday, June 23 with various activities throughout the week and on Friday, June 27 will be our annual Military Picnic. The Picnic will be hosted at both Elmendorf Air Force Base and Fort Richardson Military Base.

Every year the Anchorage Chamber has a very successful Military Appreciation week. Many of the military men and women sacrifice time, health, and their lives to better protect and serve our country. The least we can do as citizens to show our gratitude is show our appreciation for their hard, dedicated work and service to Alaska and the United States. The military is a billion dollar industry and has played a huge role in shaping Alaska, with state ties dating back to 1867.

Military Affairs was one of the first committees created after the Anchorage Chamber was formed in 1915 and is still in existence today, simply known as the Military Committee. Interested having some fun and saying ‘Thank You’ to the men and women in uniform?

Email Magen James at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Corey Hester