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Uber and Innovation are good for Anchorage

The rapid pace of innovation can be hard to keep up with. It seems like almost every day we hear about a new, innovative technology that is transforming local economies for the better. With these rapid changes occurring in the business world, more and more companies are coming face to face with outdated regulations and protected markets. One of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s top priorities has consistently been regulatory reform. The challenge with regulatory reform is that it can be nebulous. However, today there is an Anchorage chamber member that has become the poster child for regulatory reform: Uber.

Workforce Development Begins in Kindergarten

In 2014, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce members again identified education and workforce development as their top priority for the coming year. With the unemployment rate sitting at 5 percent, an aging workforce, and the available labor pool fairly shallow, redefining how we approach workforce development has been a key focus of an initiative to improve Anchorage public school outcomes.

Silver Tsunami of aging Alaskans has Economic Benefits

When we hear phrases like “Alaska has an aging demographic” or “seniors are Alaska’s fastest-growing demographic,” we don’t always translate that into the positive economic impacts that seniors are providing for Anchorage.

06 Dec
EXCLUSIVE! Governor's State Budget Report

EXCLUSIVE! Governor's State Budget Report

Governor Sean Parnell will discuss his administration's upcoming agenda, the state's current and upcoming budget and touch on other issues affecting Alaska's business community.
03 Jul


Anchorage Chamber Military Appreciation Week Kicks-Off with Luncheon on June 10, ends with Picnics on June 14

08 Jun
Scott Goldsmith presents economic responsibility

Scott Goldsmith presents economic responsibility

Brad Keithley presents that maximum sustainable yield is the best fiscal solution for Alaska.

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