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“If you are a bottom line kind of company, and who isn't these days, remember that all you need is ONE new customer to pay for your annual membership dues! The contacts and connections that can be made are invaluable.

Kathie Anderson, account manager forOffice Products Services

Want to become a member of Alaska’s largest business organization? Looking to join a grass-roots advocacy or fun networking committee? Looking for the Anchorage Chamber to work for you while you’re at work? 

No matter what your level of involvement, the Anchorage Chamber has a wide range of opportunities for each of its 1,100 business members.

Membership Benefits

Joining the Anchorage Chamber will provide you instant access to our extensive network of 1,100 business members throughout Anchorage and Alaska. Your company, or organization, can begin utilizing broad marketing opportunities, connecting with key policy-makers, enjoying discounted programs and events, and building your network of professionals.

The Anchorage Chamber represents nearly 1,100 businesses making up 54,000 of Anchorage’s workforce. Together we can advance a successful business climate.

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