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The Anchorage Chamber provides opportunities for members to grow their business. From advertising to connectivity, there is a multitude of reasons to be a member with the Anchorage Chamber.




Mission: To advance a successful business climate by attending to the civic, economic, and cultural betterment of our community. We achieve this through three channels: advocacy, connectivity, and education.
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The Anchorage Chamber's website has roughly 1,500+ pages of business and community information, giving you 24/7 access to tools designed to help your business succeed. All members are listed in our online business directory with a link to your website and a detailed description of your company / products / services.




 *Awareness, Credibility and Access

Studies have shown that members of a chamber of commerce get instant credibility. These instant benefits include increased consumer awareness, favorability, reputation and likelihood of future patronage. Chamber membership translates in the consumer’s mind that your business is trustworthy, a neighborhood leader, and invested in the community.

In addition to instant credibility, you have access to powerful resources and networking tools to take your business to the next level including opportunities to meet key elected officials, influence policy in our local community, free seminars to brainstorm with fellow entrepreneurs, demographic info, and consumer access for your business on the Chamber’s Website. And, chamber dues may even be tax-deductible.

* The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce
A Research Study - The Shapiro Group, Atlanta, GA




                                                       Top Ten Reasons to Join the Anchorage Chamber
Connections - Create strategic alliances and build lasting business relationships through networking, social media and events.

Information -   Receive weekly updates about local, state, and regional issues that will have an impact on your business.

Knowledge - Take advantage of professional development programming and educational seminars that are complimentary with membership offered to you and your employees.

Status: - Become known as a community leader by participating in high-profile events and volunteer opportunities.

Visibility – 63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a Chamber member. Be sure to download an “Anchorage Chamber Member” cyber plaque to display on your website.

Savings - Receive free notary services, access to bulk mail rates, and member-to-member discounts by offering discounts to fellow members and take advantage of the discounts offered exclusively among Anchorage Chamber members.

Referrals – The Chamber loves referring your business. Referrals through the Anchorage Chamber’s website and online Membership Directory continue to grow and generate new leads for members.

Advertising - Promote your business through the Anchorage Chamber's multiple publications and websites.

New Member Spotlight - New members are introduced formally to the membership at a Monday Forum luncheon, with an opportunity to speak to the audience.

Legislative Initiatives – The Anchorage Chamber monitors and notifies you of important local and state issues that affect businesses. You are encouraged to join the committee(s) of your choice and have a direct impact upon the future of your community while promoting your business.


Volunteer Committees

The Anchorage Chamber offers members an opportunity to serve through volunteer committees. The selection of volunteers to serve on committees varies through board recommendation, application, or election. 

 1 Membership Committee 6.12.14


 Your investment may be 100 percent tax deductible as a business expense.

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